There is a significant shortfall of young people entering the workplace with STEM qualifications and skills every year.  This is hurting industry and future wealth creation in the United Kingdom.

The Armed Services are also concerned that the STEM skills they increasingly require are becoming ever more difficult to obtain. They all have identified a need to be proactive in encouraging the young to embrace STEM as a route into future careers.

The Royal Air Force will be celebrating its 100th Birthday in 2018 and, under the banner of RAF 100, they intend to use the celebrations to inspire young people about STEM. They have ambitious plans that will extend over a yearlong period and include the production of STEM packs for schools, a national STEM competition and STEM camps. The RAF wants to drive a legacy that will generate more young people with STEM skills into the workplace.

Membership of the RAF Cadets provides young people with a personal development path. Specifically, the cadet organisation aims to develop self-confidence, self-discipline, communication skills, a work ethic, teamwork and leadership skills and the many that embrace these personal development opportunities stand at the forefront of their peers when they move onto higher education or the workplace.  The cadets are a key body of young people to inspire about STEM as a route to their future.

The Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for the North of England is launching an RAF Cadet STEM challenge as part of the regional celebrations for RAF 100.

All Sqns and CCF (RAF) Sections from across the North of England RFCA area of responsibility are invited to participate in this challenge.