It is recognised that Project OMEGA (the building of a model air vehicle) may have a financial impact Sqns/Sections.  To offset this, small grants of up to £75 will be available to Sqns/Sections that apply.  This grant is to be used to purchase the equipment and materials needed to successfully build the model air vehicle.

Any Sqn wishing to access this grant are to email the DNW Aerospace & IT Officer with an itemised list of materials they intend to purchase. Funds will then be released to your Sqn/Section through the RFCA.

Conditions of the grant are:

  • The grant is only to be used to purchase materials required to support the creation of a Project OMEGA air vehicle; and
  • The grant may have to be paid back if, irrespective of whether the entry actually flies in the live flight competition, a model must have been produced.

Sqns/Sections that wish to enter more than one Project OMEGA entry and wish to be considered for a grant are to liaise directly with the DNW Aerospace & IT Officer.