Project OMEGA – Build a Model Air Vehicle

This challenge is about building a model air vehicle which can fly a 100m figure of eight course either automatically or via radio/remote control.

UAV/RPAS/Model Aircraft Flight Requirements

Each Sqn/Section entering a Project OMEGA model is responsible for ensuring that any test flights of the Project OMEGA models are in line with relevant RAFAC regulations – in this case ACTO 75 Model Aircraft Flying and Rocketry (including UAV, RPAS, Balloons etc).

Teams entering a Project OMEGA completed aircraft model will be invited to fly their model at a high-profile event in late May 2018 (details TBC).  Here, the aircraft models will be assessed on their ability to fly a 100m figure of eight course either autonomously or via remote/radio control.

Build Guides 

Simple web searches will lead you to an almost unlimited number of resources on how to build the types of model aircraft that meet the criteria of Project OMEGA. 

Resource URL Notes
YouTube Useful search terms:

“build your own quadcopter”

“build a uav”

TechRadar Useful guide on how to construct your own drone from easily purchased parts and equipment
So you want to be a drone entrepreneur?
Build a Drone Information on building your own fixed wing or multi-rotor drone project


Parts and Suppliers 

Again, there are an almost unlimited number of suppliers for all of the parts and materials you will need to build a Project OMEGA model aircraft.  Google is your friend!

The model should:

  • Be either rotary (including quadcopters etc) or fixed wing;
  • NOT be built or modified from an off-the-shelf kit;
  • NOT exceed 3kg in weight – there is no minimum weight requirement; and
  • Be capable of flying a minimum of 100m over a figure of eight course.

The live flying day for the completed Project OMEGA model air vehicles is 27 May 2018 – so all entries must be able to compete by that deadline.